Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Remarkable Achievements

1977: Monkey Exports Banned

Monkeys Saved from Torture
In 1977, the Rt Hon Muriel, the Lady Dowding, the founder of the BWC movement, met the then Prime Minister Mr Morarji Desai in New Delhi and requested him to ban the export of monkeys as they were being subjected to intense cruelty in American and other foreign research laboratories.

1978: Pegasus Award received by BWC

Award from Reader’s Digest for Best Advertisement
The advertisement campaign BWC undertook in 1978 captioned “Pretty, isn’t it?” won the prestigious Reader’s Digest Pegasus Award for highlighting animal exploitation.

1984: Import of Animal Rennet Banned

Indian Cheese Vegetarian
As a result of a 7 year effort, in 1984 BWC persuaded the Government of India to impose a total ban on the import of animal rennet used in cheese-making. As this ban still exists, all Indian made cheese is free from animal rennet.

AAnimalHHorse OOx VVulture
BBird IInsect PParrot WWhale
CCowJJagaurQQueen beeXX-Rayfish
DDog KKangaroo  RRabbit YYak
EElephantLLion  SSheepZZebra
FFox MMonkey TTiger

Less Animals Beheaded
BWC could not stop the mass slaughter of animals sacrificed at the Gadhimai Mela, Nepal, but with help extended by the Government of India, managed to reduce 50 percent of animals beheaded.

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