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Q&A -On The Path Of Total Freedom From Sexual Impulses…

Questioner: What is the method by which sexual impulses are gotten rid of in the Akram path?

Dadashri: This is a different path. Here, you do not have to remove any sexual impuses. So many people practice brahmacharya of the mind, body and speech here. Those who are married, find their solution from the way that I have shown them.

‘Here’, as the Self there is no place for sexual impulses or sexuality. ‘This’ place, the Self is eternally free from any movement. It never leaves its original state (nirvikari).

Sexuality is not poison. Fearlessness in sex is poison. There is no problem in sex if it has to be done, as a last resort, just as if a policeman were to force you to do so. It should not happen by your own choice. Do you have any choice but to sit in the jail if the policeman puts you there? Is there any escaping from there? Similarly, you do not have a choice when karma unfolds its account and the sex act in the mind, speech or body, happens. Any religion that sanctions and allows sexuality is no religion. Religion exists where there is brahmacharya.  No matter to what little extent religion is present, it must be free from all elements of sexuality.

Questioner: Yes, that is true, but shouldn’t there be a means of going from one shore of sexuality to the other shore of brahmacharya?

Dadashri: Yes, for that there is Gnan. For brahmacharya the right guru has to be encountered. The guru must not have any element of sexuality. If the guru is sexual in any way, the entire following will go to hell. They would not be able to see human life again. Sexuality of any type does not suit a guru.

No religion accepts sexuality in spiritual matters. Those who allow and accept sexuality in spiritual path are on the wrong path, in fact on the path opposite of liberation, the path to hell. Such wrong and misguided paths and teachers did exist in the past, seeking the Self along with sex.

Questioner: Is that not a form of deterioration in religion?

Dadashri: Of course, it is deterioration, a severe one at that. These teachers do not go towards moksha and they do not let their followers go either. They go down in lower life forms and take their followers along with them.

Questioner: Despite knowing the transient nature of sexual pleasure, what is the reason for such an intense desire for it? And how can it be brought under control?

Dadashri: The world has not known the nature of sexual impulses and desires at all. It can be brought under control only if you know how it arises. But, you do not know under what circumstances it arises. Then how can it be controlled? No one can control it. A person, who appears to have control, is actually the result of his prior life deep inner intent for brahmacharya. Otherwise, the only way one can have control over it is if one finds the root cause of sexuality and puts a stop to it at that point. It is too late to try and stop it once the sexual impulse expresses as an effect. If you want to be free from all sexual impulses, I will show you the way.

Questioner: Gnan is a very critical and important thing for attaining freedom from sex.

Dadashri: Gnan is the only thing that will get rid of all forms of vishaya, all entry into objects of enjoyment. These objects of enjoyment cling to you because of ignorance of the Self.

As hard as you try, no other approach, besides Gnan, can control vishaya.  Sexuality will not stop with external locks. I have seen some people who have even gone to the extent of locking up their genitals in their desire to curb sexual impulses but this does not work.

All sexual impulses and desires fade in presence of Gnan. These brahmachari followers of Dada here are free from even thoughts of sexuality.

Questioner: Psychology says that once you have had your fill of ice cream to the point of full satisfaction, you do not feel like eating it again.

Dadashri: That is not possible in this world. On the contrary, you will feel like eating again. But, if somebody keeps feeding you something that you do not like at all, again and again, then it will induce vomiting and the intake will stop. In sexuality, the more a person enjoys it, the more burning becomes his desire for it.

By not getting involved in the sexual act, one may become uneasy and unsettled for a month or two. However loss of familiarity is the key. With the loss of familiarity one will forget sexuality totally.  It is not possible for a person enjoying sex to get rid of the desire for it. Hence, research of the scriptures done by people in our country, has led to the discovery that the path of brahmacharya is the best. The best cure is to become unfamiliar with sex.

Once you stay away from sex for one or two years, then you forget all about it. That is the nature of the mind. If it goes near it, it will become restless. The mind has been separated from its familiarity. If ‘You’(the Self) stay  separate from it, then the mind stays away from it and therefore it will forget it forever. It will never remember it again. It will not go there even if you want it to. Do you understand that? It is like if you stayed away from your friend for two years then your mind will forget him.

Questioner: When we give the mind the freedom to enjoy sex, it remains uninterested and when we control the mind, it becomes restless even more, the fascination for sex increases. What is the reason for this?

Dadashri: This is not called having control over the mind. That which does not accept our control cannot be called control. Shouldn’t there be a controller? You can only control, if you are the controller. You are not the controller, because your mind does not obey you. Does your mind obey you?

Mind is not to be obstructed. Instead, the causes of the mind have to be obstructed. The mind is a result. It is an effect. It will continue to show the results. It is like the result of an examination. The result cannot be changed without changing the answers of the examination. These answers were given in the past life. The result is now in front of you as the mind. How can you identify the cause of the effect? How did the mind filled with sex arise? The answer is that it is stuck in sex. It was stuck in sex in the last life and it is stuck in sex in this life. One should identify all the places where the mind is stuck in this life, and cut off the link with it.

Questioner: What is the easiest way of being free from all sexual impulses?

Dadashri: Coming to me is the solution. What other solution is there? If you try to give up one passion by yourself, another one will enter. A vacuum created cannot remain as vacuum. The moment you give up sexual passions another passion sets in.

Questioner: This anger-pride-attachment-greed that you talk about, where does sex come in it? What does sex come under these passions?

Dadashri: sex and kashaya (anger-pride-attachment-greed) are different. Indulging in sex and crossing its limits is called greed.

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