Monday, February 7, 2011

7 Reasons to Practice Silence to Empower Ourselves

How can we de-stress ourselves with silence? I love to write when it is late at night because the beauty of silence. I thought about importance of silence for our concentration and destressing our crazy busy life that we do create for ourselves. It is a great way to empower ourselves. My good friend Walker gave me great definition of silence "Silence is thinker's paradise. Silence exists when there is no external noise. The problem is trying to keep the noise out of our head"
We live in the world where everyone is rushing somewhere and do not even know sometime where. Fast paced society that demands fast results. I love to know where I am going and what to expect.
And I enjoy sound of silence. It allows me to write, to think and to connect with myself. It allows me to find answers to my blocks and make the right decisions. Silence is the best meditation method because it still allows to express ourselves. "The most profound statements are said in silence"- Lynn Johnston
How can we de-stress ourselves with silence? I asked myself that question until I really became still. Silence is inside of you and you can create it even with people rushing, talking and doing other things. It is about leaning how to isolate yourself and connect with yourself for few minutes a day. It is like turning off the switch button for few minutes and recharging.
Here are my 7 reasons why we should practice silence:
1. Silence allows us to question ourselves about our purpose in life
2. Silence enables us to let go of bad thoughts and put them into a different place in our mind
3. Silence is the most powerful tool for talking to someone. Silence is an action and it speaks louder sometimes than our voice.
4. Silence is the best friend. It enables our intuition to work when we need it the most.
5. Silence enables to see the beauty of the things that is around us and what we have: our health, our state of well being and seeing smily faces.
6. Silence allows us to develop gratitude for the opportunity to be who we want to be.
7. Silence allows us to see what elusive and deceptive and the best tool to save our integrity.
That all can be done in 15 minutes a day. You just need to find a spot in your house or even if you are in a busy place where people come and go, find 15 minutes to tell yourself that it is time for YOU. YOU deserve to relax and forget for 15 minutes that everythng else exists around you. You do not have to listen to meditation music because listening to silence is the best music your mind and your body can express and listen at the same time.
Silence is inside of our mind and we can create silence starting today. Best to you!

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