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Sri Vast: Life is so Rich

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This Satsang with Sri Vast took place at the 16. Rainbow Spirit Festival in May 2010 in Baden-Baden / Germany.

The new stream under the ocean; you can flow as a new stream after you have melted your past away; how past melts away; justifications and the desire what to do in future; which idea do I have of myself? You experience life through the idea that you have of yourself; learning to know the own identity; learning to know what is to melt away; a fresh experience of the past and non-dual mind.


When the question of melting does not exist any longer; before we create ourselves and the other and have to protect ourselves against the other and to make sure that „I“ am right; after the melting there is no fight anymore; the other level of human realization; what is enlightenment and liberation if you have never been suppressed? Concepts will dissolve; information which we have about a small portion; perceiving the totality; life on this planet is so rich; we have limited our life experience - it is a big drama and has to do with human beings only; I invite you to a different journey; the opportunity to make the multi-dimensional experience of life; expand yourselves.

To enjoy freedom or to take the role of a free person in our society? The same story; to be authentic or adapting; wherever you go you analyze; observe yourself and become conscious about what you think all the time; do not really care about what you think; old tea – make a new tea.

Words make other humans feel something; to learn about which experience I give to other people; transformation into perception; you and me are not separate then; navigation systems; we intent do make everything durable and get stuck; it is good to take everything as temporary; everything can be our master; dissolve believed imaginations; if you have no problems come to me and we will have lots of fun; identification, I, experience and no personalized experience; to change priorities; liberation, another dimension of your life experience; when you do not have the fight within yourself any longer; you are so much more than you believe; your stillness understands the stillness between my words

Sri Vast: All is a manifestation of the divine

This Satsang with Sri Vast happened at the 17. Rainbow Spirit Festival in Berlin, November 2010.

Music and singing; the searcher knows what he is searching for; to find peace just now; letting go conditioning and expectations; less conditions, to sleep; spiritual growth is not a big thing, just do it; to share everything which brings joy to you

What do you give back to life? I want others to enjoy whatever I enjoy; all that stagnates and decomposes; to share and mature; the mature fruit, which falls off the tree, separating from the past; not to want to decompose before maturity; from “being happy with some people some time” to “being happy with all people all the time”; bring all into your lives, integrate all; to have too small desires; expand your desires; to fix all to life; inner and outer world; to dissolve the fighting; to see yourself in the other; green light for the references; to look through oneself and the differences of perception of every individual human being; the beautiful door in the desert; to be meditative and playful and bring this into all parts of life; to be with grace and gratefulness at any moment.

Two mantras: Why not me? And what the heck is it? The habit to treat oneself as a problem; your uniqueness; encounter yourself as a joke, about which one should laugh, and as joy that should be celebrated; what does a plant need? What do you need? Touching and touching in the name of all elements of nature; to understand yourself as a living being of this planet; domestication; to be domesticated and feel well despite it.

Touching the body; come closer to yourself; learn in what way you are domesticated beings; each spiritual practice should serve to expand yourself; to expand slowly – from oneself to all; life takes place only once; you will find more and more, recognize more and more.

Sri Vast: Seeing the Beauty of Life

These videos were recorded at the first Satsang of a Intensive-Weekend with Sri Vast from June 2009. 

Singing and music.

Expectations of the Satsang participants; teaching is happening, Satsang teachers do not exist; active participation is helpful for Satsang to happen; how to express feelings? the nature of being suppressed and suppression; talking about suppression is talking about total freedom; not looking for a long time into the eyes because we do not know what to do with what happens inside us; limiting our capability to perceive; mankind gets stuck in repetition; this repetition is not possible when you allow yourself to perceive; no idea about who I am; this is beautiful because otherwise repetition would have to start; like a TV which is got stuck in the DVD “this is me”; nice prison; life is flowing, life is not stagnant.

All we create we should create temporarily; life is constantly changing; in nature nothing is permanent; the result of the dominant life style is that many people are lonely; creating something new instead of trying to fix what has been made already; it is a big difference between feeling good and being free; desire for feeling good in daily routine and relationship as strange request; beauty is beauty no matter if it is mine or somebody else’s; perceiving the beauty instead of living according to concepts; if beauty has a condition we call it relationship; many people use concepts of relationship to close themselves; it is more ownership than relationship; attraction happens through the four things one receives from a relationship; with time gift based relationship lessens; but real relationship arises when the four things are not present; true love comes when the conditions are no longer present; partnerships often are lived as concepts; the feeling that something is wrong when one does not have a partner appears to be strange; you are already totally complete; having a partner or not having a partner should not make a difference.

The process of conditioning explained with a children book; the way human society is formed; how monoculture thinking creates problems; trying to feel perfect by copying imprints; when you are perfect in copying you feel good; reactions to something which is not working well or missing occur according to imprinted pictures of how it should be; most of your needs are trained but not natural.

Clarification on spirituality, religions and religious practices; the human as a natural being; domestication blocks you to experience life in its natural form; when we talk about personality we talk about beliefs and ideas of ourselves; taking care about the idea of oneself but ignoring the body; transformation into total liberation arises as a natural reflection.

Sri Vast: Living Life in a Unique Way

This Satsang with Sri Vast happened during the   Rainbow Spirit Festival 2009 in Baden-Baden / Germany spontaneously in the park next to the Congress centrum.

Celebrating with music in a park; waiting for situations to rise; crisis as good times; loosing the believe that something will protect you; a radical change is needed; you have one beautiful life; the crisis is a Christmas present; so not underestimate yourself; the right way is to feel free; no importance of what you know; total liberation is the ultimate destiny; no such thing as a closed heart; most people want to feel comfortable within their own prison; as long as the door is closed the thirst for freedom is not finished; the life of the being; the life as just the being – not as character; just the being; one sun, one moon, one you.

See the world as you; do not consider anything as the opposite to you and what exists comes to your life; you are trained to think in a certain way; do not take your thinking too serious; 6 billion people have a way of thinking and I have only one more way; thinking changes all the time; go for what you really want and which world you really want to live in; bring your body, your mind and your essence together in one point; in the end everybody is looking for freedom and silence; whatever you do gives a direction for mankind; look deep inside what you are looking for; you are a natural person but highly domesticated; but you want to come back to yourself and your natural being; born as a being but educated as a German; we do not question why we do what we do; when you ask the question who you are you will see that life is much more than what you thought; expanding yourself is important; no need to blame the ego; because you are domesticated you feel that something is missing; comparison with a plastic flower; through securing you become a plastic flower; that is not living; life is beautiful when you do not know what will happen; allow life to flow through you; be aware how you are connected with life; how grateful are you to life? there is so much in life to be aware of; when you do not care about a projection, you are free; playing a role just in order to be accepted; recognize if you are authentic with yourself.

Sri Vast: You cannot Find Yourself in an Idea

This Satsang with Sri Vast was recorded during the Rainbow Spirit Festivals 2009 in Baden-Baden / Germany.

Samadhi – the grave; the idea you have about you dies; the heart is longing for experiences which it still remembers; you were born free; state of a child; to become un-guilty again; how it works with experiences your read about in books; not to come close to experiences you read about in books but to come close to yourself; be radically honest; come radically close to you; knowledge and information will not liberate you; true liberation without any references

The controlled growth of a Bonsai; domestication of human beings; wonderful life; do not make ego a problem; you create what you see; I do not say close your eyes but open your eyes and see harmony, beauty, love, peace, freedom

Ask yourself: In which way do I want to be natural? Life is multidimensional, unlimited; do not reduce yourself to a concept of life; about completion of pictures of life; the concept life is nothing but a game, complete or incomplete; experience, recognize life freshly; when the values of this game are not relevant any longer, you have arrived at the beginning; you are divine, already absolutely perfect.

Being Absolutely in the Here and Now

This interview took place in Frankfurt, June 2009. The questions were asked by Dominique und Devasetu.
About the name Sri Vast; no spiritual teacher but to live life and share it with others,  which became some kind of teaching; only one fully enlightened world; about the beauty of the inner and outer world; through the connection with the consciousness of a master being able to see this consciousness also in others; the same mother language of different masters; no tradition – life itself is the master; about the continuously changing consciousness; to open up the eyes towards the beauty of life; relaxation free from conditions; about the strong domestication of human beings; no practices but to participate in life; the example of the monkey who needs practice as long as he lives in a cage but who simply lives life in nature; to practice in any way to remove ones boundaries and limitations; to see love, beauty and harmony in life.
About a natural and authentic life free from the past; to rediscover life on this planet and making this also possible for our children; domestication as the main problem of the „human catastrophe“ of an unnatural way of living which causes many symptoms of imbalance; living according to references and concepts is absolutely determined, but everyone is unique; computer games as a world of designed experiences of winning and losing; the designed reality also in the domesticated life; to be absolutely in the here and now – not responding to the game any more.

Training animals as teaching them to obey and as an example of domestication; about the learned pattern that the trained behaviour is right and natural behaviour is wrong; feelings of fear and guilt in every action as a consequence; handicapped children because of this training; the deeply imprinted picture of how things have to be and the convulsive attempt to reach this picture; living beyond this concept in different dimensions; „the flower is in you“; freedom is impossible while being captured inside of a room and can only be reached by opening the door and walking out; the unique life in this moment; about every being's right to live in a natural way.

Sri Vast

Many times during his childhood and youth Sri Vast naturally went into state of samadhi, where he was physically unconscious, but where he experienced a totally different dimension of the human life on this planet. In this dimension, life was a harmonious living experience between all beings. After these experiences the big question arose within him: which world is the true world? The world that he experienced physically and daily? Or a world beyond that - a world in a totally different dimension, where life was not conditioned? This led him to wonder about the way we humans communicate with life. More and more he wondered why his life seemed to be easy and beautiful, when others seemed to suffer. Problems faced by others were not perceived as problems by him. 

In Guruji ’s words: “Everything happened without any effort towards the unknown future”. At the age of 20 Guruji Sri Vast went through a tremendous experience of freedom, where there were no conditions or limitations to life in any way. Guruji Sri Vast experienced that there was no future. He could not even plan for the next day. Suddenly everything came to an end. There was just a state of total freedom and presence. After this experience he questioned his present path and education to an even greater extent. Guruji Sri Vast realized that the existing education system did not support either inner growth or being in the present.
A couple of years later, in 1993, Guruji Sri Vast created a Learning Community and Ecological Center where he shared his experiences, explaining how life can be experienced beyond suffering. He taught about the profound relationship between human and nature. At the Center people could learn an ecological way of taking care of nature and of themselves. The Center also provided free education within this field, as well as traditional Siddha medicine and medical support to the many surrounding villagers.
People from many countries and different walks of life, joined his endeavour to investigate ways to live in harmony with nature. Guruji Sri Vast’s urge to explore and understand life on earth continued. He started to get invitations from around the world, travelling to different places to give talks. In the year 2000 Sri Vast started an International Center for Ecology and Spiritual Studies and many spiritual teachers and sadhus came to share their experiences.
At the age of 32 during a longer visit to a snowy winter Sweden, Guruji Sri Vast fell down in the middle of the forest while meditating. “I saw my body lying there, as if it was dead. The whole planet Earth became very small, and then the whole galaxy became small; there was no fear, no pain, no questions, no separation, no form. The whole existence started to breathe together as in one single breath and I was totally in bliss. It was a great journey. When I came back to the body I experienced so much heat and I was sweating. I could not move my body; I started to crawl like a newborn child. At first I had no memory of the past and no idea of what was happening, but everything was taken care of by itself. The body was weightless, the breathing was changed, the amount of prana that went inside the body was very high and it felt like floating on the air. For three weeks it continued like this and during this time I went out of my body several times. At one point I lost my speech.
This state was so full of bliss - all the questions were answered. The total purpose of living revealed itself. This experience brought a discontinuity from the past, and it changed everything. Every moment in life became so wonderful and precious. Life became open, endless, ageless and goalless. There was nothing to reach anymore, just a great silence inside. For me, that moment revealed the truth that everything is enlightened in this world; whatever I see and whom ever I meet. When a person becomes enlightened, not just that individual is enlightened. But that person’s whole world becomes enlightened. To me, you are all enlightened. Enlightenment is not something that happened one day in the past through a particular experience. Enlightenment is experiencing every moment as an enlightening moment. Enlightenment is happening in this very moment, in every step you take, in every choice you make. It is an endless freedom and a completely effortless living, a sense of oneness and a constant flow of love. Everything in life becomes very much grounded and all comparisons disappear". 
After this profound experience, Guruji Sri Vast, who has never had any particular teachers himself, started to give talks on “Naturalization of Mankind” and “Enlightenment”. Guruji Sri Vast developed and shared the practices of Inner Yoga – a unique set of nature exercises, meditation and movement, which were transmitted during Guruji’s samadhi experiences. Guruji shares a unique self-inquiry process, an inward journey. Here we are challenged to meet our ideas about ourselves and life, in order to get closer to our true inner being. The Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast are provocative and revolutionary in their approach towards life, questioning our fundamental belief systems and the concepts of Man and God. Thousands of people have been inspired by the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast, sharing their joy, wisdom and devotion with others.
During recent years Guruji is teaching four months in the Ashram in India, where devotees from around the world come to experience the presence of the living master. During the remaining period of the year Guruji travels with a team of devotees to share and spread the wisdom of joyful liberation. Many ecological movements are initiated and inspired by Gurujis practical Teachings, advocating a personal and global transformation and sustainable future for all. At present Guruji is actively engaged in the campaign called: Global Cooling Campaign – a call for positive changes.

Sri Vast: “For me there is no East.
There is no West.
Its just one people in one planet.
For me there is no past.
There is no future.
There is just this moment which is now.
I am the bridge
Between you and this moment.
My whole effort is to bring you,
to connect with this moment naturally.
So that you can experience
The wholeness of your existence."

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