Monday, March 21, 2011

Mantra for Brahmacharya / Mantra for Celibacy

There is a very powerful mantra for maintaining brahmacherya.
Mantra that enhances Celibacy.
Both men as well as women can use it. 
The Sacred Grace Light Mantra of Saint Vallalar- 
"Joti" from Dancing with Siva Mantra Music (see mantra write-up below). You

Arut perum jyothi
Arut perum jyothi
Tani perum karunai
Arut perum jyothi

* While chanting, visualize a vast grace light pouring down from heaven. The light comes down; it comes in through the top of your head.
* Visualize the vast grace light coming into every cell of the body.

* Feel the grace of God in every part of you.

Arut means grace, the intelligence aspect of grace. This chant and visualization reprogram the cells beyond hereditary intelligence to being programmed with Divine intelligence. As you continue the chant and visualization, Infinite Divine Intelligence fills you.

Grace fills your mind and purifies it.

Grace fills your ego and purifies it.

The mind merges with grace, and merges with God.

This mantra comes directly from the Divine. Siva Nataraj, the dancing Siva, gave it to Swami Ramalinga.

If anybody maintains brahmacharya for one year while performing a  meditating with  Arut Perum Jothi Mantra for 3 hours everyday, definitely he/she will cross some important hurdles and make some good progress.

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