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Code of conduct for Brahmacharyam:

1. Food:

better prepared by self or one's mother or a pious Brahmin. It should
be very saatwic in nature (light, plain food). Coocked rice should be
consumed only for lunch. Pure ghee is a must. During the night only
fruits and cow's milk should be consumed. Partaking food that is
offered to the Mother will ensure success.

2. Sleep:
Absolutely no sleep during day time. Should wake up in the Braahmi
muhurath (4 am). The sadhak should sleep on the floor without pillows.
Sleeping over darbha grass or deer skin gives excellent result. One
should not sleep with his/her head towards the North or West
East is best. Always sleep in the shavaasan.

3. Conduct:
Avoid the company of women and atheists. All women, young and old
should be treated as one's own mother (even the wife). Think that the
divine Mother is presenting herself in their form. Speaking abnoxious
words, ill about others, harsh about others is an absolute no-no. The
sadhak should not even think of anything else other than the Divine
Mother. Also please refer to Shree Vijayaganapathy's post "lakshanas
for an upasaka"

4. Asan:
Guptaasan and siddhaasan is highly benefical for practicing
Brahmacharya. Please learn it from a yoga master. Chanting the
following Hanuman mantra while sitting in Guptaasan will certainly
subdue one's sexual urge:

While Sanyasins have to practice such a Brahmacharyam for ltheir ife
time, a householder can practice it for a specific period and return
to normal life after his wish is fulfilled.


Jai sadguru dutta.


To achieve siddhi [success] in a particular mantra, one has to
strictly adhere to the rules and code of conduct prescribed in
the texts. Brahmacharya is one such, rather more important rule.
In this regard, Shree S.V. Swamyji has rightly mentioned many
of the relevant points.

Brahmacharya actually means acquiring the nature of the Brahman. In
Sanskrth, Brahma also means semen. Hence, in practice Brahmacharya
means celibacy - abstaining from any kind of sexual activity -
mental, physical and vocal. All Hindu religious scriptures praise
the greatness of such a conduct. The Ayurveda clearly states that
one drop of semen is equivalent to 100 drops of blood and this has
been vindicated by recent "scientific experiments" in the West.

Normally, the consciousness of a layman is active in the moolaadhaar
region only. Hence such people are satisfied with routine life:
eating, sleeping, talking and carnal pleasures. Almost all the
pranic energy in such people are utilised for such "low-level"

Mantra sadhana for materialistic or spiritual gain/development is
based on the conservation and channelization of such a pranic
energy - the life force. In men, the "ida" and "pingala" nadis
originate from the testicles and form the first knot at the
moolaadhaara. When this semen power is conserved by all means,
it is absorbed back into the blood and the "tejas" (power) helps
invoke and activate the sleeping kundalini. When activated, the
Kundalini raises towards (upwards) the Sahasraara chakra in the
head, piercing through (activating) all the intermediate
chakras. It is the awakening of this kundalini that is responsible
for higher consciousness that helps the sadhak to achieve tasks
which are not possible otherwise.

The kundalini is "shakthi" and the sahasraara chakra is "shiva".
Their union is depicted in an artistic manner in the shiva tandava

Dear Learned members of the group,
I have come across a a dhanada stotram addressed to
goddess mahalakshmi in the rudrayamalam.
There is a specific procedure illustrated for the
practise of the same. It says that the sadhaka should
also practise brahmacharyam. What is the code of
conduct for brahmacharyam. Kindly advice.

Dear Shrinivas,

Om Shri Matre Namah. I hope more learned members will give you more
specific details, but this is what came to my mind, when I read your
mail. The merits if any in my answer are due to the Grace of the
Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi. I had the good fortune of placing my head at
the Divine Mother's Feet at Kolhapur temple in the year 2001.

Brahmacharya Deeksha is a vow of celibacy (rough english translation)
for a specific period. Actually what it means is that we constantly
think of Brahman, the Creative God and also Brahman, who created the
Trinity, also called Para Brahma. We need total control over mind.
Look at all women as the Divine Mother. Let sexual desire not come
into mind at all. To help with that, take cold water head bath daily
morning and night. Sleep on the floor or with only a thin reed mat
without a soft mattress. Eat simple food and that too in a limited
quantity. Specifically give up spices, fried food, garlic, onion and
yes, milk too. Eat raw vegetables, rice, dal, etc. preferably. Give
up eggs and meat and all other non-vegetarian food, alcoholic drinks,
tobacco, perfumes....

There are some yoga asanas to help with Brahmacharya deeksha.

Wish you the best of luck and the Mother's grace.


More Info : http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/mantra-tantra-vigyana/151240-fwd-practice-brahmacharya.html

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