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பசி நீக்குதல் சிறந்த ஜீவகாருண்யம் (Must Watch)

Out of the mouths of babes

…and into the mouths of beasts

Warning: some of the following 15 stories are not pleasant. One in particular is gut-wrenching and slightly depressing. The others are just as absurd and could easily fit in a work of fiction. I could write an essay on these unique women and their stories… but a picture speaks a thousand words.

1. Bishnoi Woman Breast Feeding Found Fawn

woman breast feeding fawn 15 Women Who Breast Feed Animals   Weird or Wonderful?
Vijay Luxmi Sau went to visit her parents out of town. She came home with a new addition to the family – a female baby fawn. Rumor has it that the fawn’s mother abandoned it when a pack of stray dogs attacked. Vijay found the fawn scared and hungry; she began breastfeeding the fawn and brought the new “baby” home to her husband and 7 month old human child.

 Indian woman breastfeeds pet calf

breastfeedingpet 15 Women Who Breast Feed Animals   Weird or Wonderful?
Some people really love their pets. Chouthi Bai, an Indian from the Kilchu village, is one of them. Her pet calf is 23 days old in this picture, and has enjoyed breast milk every single one of them.

Papua New Guinea women breastfeed pigs

breast feeding 15 Women Who Breast Feed Animals   Weird or Wonderful?
What you’re looking at is considered normal among certain indigenous tribes throughout New Guinea. Are the pigs getting hungry? No problem… Susan will go out and feed ‘em. In exchange, the pigs help out around the house. For instance, they’ll scour the sweet potato fields for scrap peelings and churn the soil in the process. Seems fair in my book.

Awa Guaja  Tribe Women Nurse Wild Animals

5 15 Women Who Breast Feed Animals   Weird or Wonderful?
For the Awa Guaja tribe in the Brazilian Amazon basin, community means more than humans. It also includes monkeys, which are considered sacred animals. The monkeys are taken from their mothers after birth and grow up sleeping, playing and breastfeeding alongside human children.
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எல்லா உயிர்களும் இன்புற்று வாழ்க

பசி நீக்குதல் சிறந்த ஜீவகாருண்யம்

அருட்பெருஞ்ஜோதி அருட்பெருஞ்ஜோதி

தனிப்பெருங்கருணை அருட்பெருஞ்ஜோதி

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