Monday, December 19, 2011

Quote & some message

‎"every moment is an opportunity for awakening."

“We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.”

“light in the soul that is uncreated and uncreatable”

this discovery is life’s real and highest goal. Our supreme purpose in life 
is not to make a fortune, not to pursue pleasure, nor to write our name on history, but to discover this spark of the divine that is in our hearts.

A dream is real so long as it lasts. When we awake,
we do not pass from unreality to reality; we pass
from a lower state of reality to a higher one. Is it
not possible that there is a state of awareness higher
still, compared with which the limited satisfactions
of everyday life are no more lasting than a dream?

this divine essence can be realized. It is not an abstraction, and it need 
not – Eckhart would say must not – remain hidden under the covering of our everyday personality. It can and should be discovered, so that its presence becomes a reality in daily life.

‎"...a book about life. It explores dreams, opportunity, and decisions. The characters make you feel; they take on a form outside the ink housing their DNA cells and become part of your daily interactions." -Paul Joseph Writes

‎"...perfect when you want to get absorbed in a book. It doesn’t so much take you away as take you into itself." -Erin Reads

"Crafted with an expert's find yourself asking 'Why?' You rub your face. You hurt. You care." -The Rookie Scrivener

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