Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vasi Mantra -Vasi, the joys beyond breath of a yogi

Challenge to the Yogis 
(The track Six of VaSi): Today?s yoga in the West especially seems to ignore the rich treasure that is within a yoga practice. Yoga is not about being the most flexible or strong but about transcending the limits of the body and mind to be one with Source through breath. The ancient yogic wisdom of the science of breath is called ?Vasi yoga?. This secretive yoga teaching is the culmination of all the techniques put together through our yoga practice to reach a place where we have been able to experience the state of higher consciousness beyond the mind and we are able to glide in the realms beyond breath. Nandhi wishes to gift you a painting that has the Vasi mantra for you to sing along.
Sing along with the mantra! Have fun! Of course, anyone can achieve the ?Vasi? breath! The extended breath is not so much the capacity of the lungs. The deep resonance is energy fields that are guided within through inner joys to be Oneness where breath is absorbed.

The Secretive Vasi Mantra 
Vasi is a secret word that means far too many facets of the divine. Si Va put  backwards is Va Si. To know the Absolute through breath is Va Si.  The sound Va Si holds transforming wisdom of the breath. to that state beyond breath.
This track contains a small challenge to of the yogi breath around the world. Yoga is not about being a good gymnast or about memorizing scriptures but about going beyond breath to be one with Source.  The wisdom of the breath and the breathless realm is entwined to  the resonance of the mantra.

The Mantra:
Si Va Ya Na Ma
Ya Na Va Si Ma
Ma Va Ya Na Si
Si Ya Na Ma Va
Va Si Ma Ya Na
Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum, Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum, Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum, Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum, Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum

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