Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Swades: We, the People

After all the hype and much expectations we get a real downer in the entertainment aspect, from the director Ashuthosh Gowrikar of 'Lagaan' fame.Swadesh is a film dealing with a social cause .. a foreign returned Indian man's journey through the rural heart of his home land.The film show cases the problems faced by the people in rural India. Gowrikar's film is so realistic that it is outright poignant and raw in its depiction. The directors intentions may be good but it does not help the audience who are craving for entertainment. The romance between Mohan and Gita are subtle and does not dither away from the main theme. Although it has its moments, it has the feel of a documentary. The length of the film adds to his flaws. One gets a feeling that the director is bent on putting forth his point scene after scene. Cinematography is good, dialogues are stupendous and the film is down to earth throughout. You have to give credit to Gowrikar for putting forth a theme which is close to his heart, completely ignoring the commercial aspect of it.In the acting department, Shah Rukh after a long time has given a genuine performance. The star in him is not highlighted much, but he has made a real effort to be the character Mohan who genuinely feels for his country. Kudoos to him. Githa, as his spirited romantic liaison has given a convincing performance regarding that it is her debut film and that too with a superstar. The rest of the cast including the gamut of characters have given adequate support.
Overall it is a good film highlighting a national cause.. but could turn out to be a flop in the commercial point of view.

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