Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Until evolution came on the world scene in 1859, the physical body of science lay like the inert clay-body of Adam on the mud. Then like God, Sir Charles Darwin breathed the spirit and life of evolution into its nostrils and Adam came into life. After that there was no turning back at all. Now we know that the theory of evolution was not an act of infamy against God but through the person of Darwin, it was God who instigated into the minds of humans his true religion, the religion of pure science and pure knowledge, shorn of all dogmas, rituals, the privileged priest-craft and worn-out institutions who came in between Him and His children. In His eyes, there was no division among His children, no chosen people or the slave races. He belonged and belongs to all, even to animals and plants equally. This fact, he revealed to the world through the advent of the evolutionary theory. When all the religions partitioned mankind it was science, the science of evolution that brought it together into one fold, into one family – even the inorganic and inert nature was not left out. Science voices the true humanism, the real religion. If some scientists sell their souls for thirty silver coins or thirty million dollars to create weapons of destructions, we cannot blame science itself, the loving mother of mankind, who wants to give her milk of comfort to every son and daughter of hers.
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