Sunday, August 21, 2011

Interview With Guruji 1

Interviewer: Guruji, please tell us a little bit about yourself, 
what happened to you? How did you become enlightened? 
It is very exotic in the West. 
Maybe you can say a little bit about your background?
Guruji Sri Vast: What background? There isn’t any
background, there is nothing to claim. What is there to tell?
When a person asks about my background, I don’t know
what to say. Should I say I did this, this, and this thing? The
person who did that is not here. So I can’t claim that it is
my background, either. The one who is here right now, has
no background.
The question about the background naturally evokes the
question about Enlightenment. Because Enlightenment is
possible only when all this background is dropped. Nothing
continues. That discontinuation of the past is the
Being now and claiming this is my background, is in a
way contradictory to the experience of what I have. Of
course, for the ignorant human mind we can tell so many
things about what that person has done. But it is important
to understand that when a person claims his past, he is
somehow also becoming his past. Whether it is good or
bad, is not the question. It is all about the past. The more
and more we relate with what we did in the past the more
it becomes a strong memory in our system.
I am just doing, I don’t have any personal claim as if ‘I’ was
doing. I don’t have anything to carry. It is all about
becoming empty. Becoming empty means: nothing is there
inside to claim. All the claims are emptied. You are not
clinging on to the past.

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