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Celebrate the hidden God within you

Celebrate the hidden God within you

Guruji Sri Vast's Teachings are a universal language of love and compassion, without dogmas and information from the past. The message is a grounded, spiritual awakening, which can be directly applied in practical life. An inspiration to connect people with each passing moment, of course, so that they can experience the wholeness of their existence.


Guruji Sri Vast was born in a small remote village in Tamil Nadu in southern India manifestations. At the age of 20 years ago, Sri Vast an overwhelming experience of freedom, in which he depicted the life in every way than without conditions or limitations. Guruji Sri Vast experienced a state free of the future. It was impossible for him to plan the next day. Suddenly everything came to an end. It was only the experience of total freedom and immediacy. After this experience, he questioned his present life and his education to an even greater extent. Sri Vast had realized, would promote the existing training systems or internal growth, the alignment to the present. 
In 2000, Sri Vast began with the establishment of the International Centre for Ecology and Spiritual Studies, which became a meeting place for spiritual teachers and sadhus, there can share their experiences with each other. At the age of 32 years, during a prolonged stay in snowy, wintry Sweden, fell Guruji Sri Vast while meditating in the middle of the forest floor. 
"This condition was so full of bliss - all questions were answered. The full meaning of life revealed itself this experience brought about a marked interruption of continuity of past life, it changed everything. Every moment of life was so wonderful and precious. Life was open, continuous, free from age and goals to be achieved. Since there was nothing left to achieve, only the awareness of a great silence inside. Mir has been revealed in that moment, the truth that in this world, everything is illuminated, whatever I do and whoever I meet, "said Sri Vast.
For several years, Guruji teaches for several months at the ashram in India, which is visited by devotees from all over the world to experience the presence of a living master. During the remaining time of the year, Guruji is a group of followers on a lecture tour around the world to spread the message of joyful liberation. Several ecological movements have been inspired by Guruji's practical teachings for personal and global transformation to provide and secure a sustainable future for all. Currently, Guruji is actively involved in the movement "Global Cooling Campaign" - a call for positive change.

Guruji Sri Vast


"Take care that you are always completely honest and you are yourself. Let your environment to know that. Let them accept who you really are - complete. This is only possible if you cease to expect from your environment, you accept the way you want. We often say, "People do not accept me." But it's true, people do not accept you for what you are? Or do you want that people accept you in a certain way? We have this need then accepted by others in a certain way to be. If these so-called "others" do not accept this special way, you're saying that they do not accept you. They accept, but not to the manner in which you want to be accepted by them. When you cease to expect acceptance from others, you will be free. 
You're free! And you accept other perfectly. In this complete acceptance of their non-acceptance is also included. They do not accept you .... and you accept you too das. they accept, you accept your environment. If you are you and what surrounds you accept, from the two lives, the spiritual and the normal life, one life. You are normal. Spiritually, you're normal. "

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