Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pan Nalin (Personal Quotes)

Acting is an act of self realization but in an other self then yours.

Working with actors is to understand non-actor within them. Working with non-actors is to understand actor within them.

If Cinema is a manifestation of our life than keep dialogs to minimum or avoid the over-use. Ninety percent of our life we spend in silence, we live in silence.

Invention of the tripod was the best thing that happened to the photography and worst to the cinematography.

We all meet to celebrate life and depart to create memories.

Image is seen by eyes. Sound is seen by mind. Together the images they form are seen by soul.

Do not act to tell stories but act to create a true-self. All true-self have true stories tell.

One and only instruction to actors: Do Not Act.

To my cinematographer friends: one of the best quality of light is to travel through clouds... use it, life is not only sunshine!

Children are like animal and animal are like children. If by nature, you do not posses qualities to be patient then never cast them.

Feeling is seeing. Feeling makes process of seeing complete.

Do not tell divine stories with human camera angles.

Time, sometime, exists just off the frame because there is Space!

If light is space and form then darkness is time. When we watch movies, sixty percent of the story is told by light and forty percent is by darkness.

Lighting creates gravity, darkness creates anti-gravity. Correct combination of both could create time.

Anti-gravity image is lighter. Tripod is 'heavy' for the image as it creates right-side-up notions. As a kid half the world I saw was upside down.

Image is light but cinematic images are light and darkness. So, do not light the scene, light the darkness.

Empty the frame, because void is to be filled (maybe with mind). Void is nothingness. Nothing is Zero (Shunyata) but add zero to any number and its power increases tremendously. Add "void" to actors, spaces and time to enhance their power.

Empty the frame, cause presence of 'someone' or 'something' lies in its absence. Make absence presence.

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