Monday, August 15, 2011

Spiritual Master: "The conduct occurs when the instructions in our heads, go away"

He studied architecture because I wanted to find out how the shapes and materials change the structure of the mind. Master as a child,  Sri Vast has an Ashram in Pondicherry and one in Halmstad (Sweden) and offers free lectures around the world ( no creed or adhere to any philosophy, quite the contrary : we want to warn how tame and we recover individuality.
Read the interview with The Cons:
I have 40 years physical. I was born in southern India and living between Sweden and Pondicherry. Married with two children 10 and 8. I am a graduate in Architecture, but since childhood I am a spiritual teacher. I do not profess any religion, we are free beings and spiritual.
At 8 years I was raised to be a spiritual guide.
I fainted, I could spend a day unconscious. The doctors had no answers, but my perception changed. India is what people call a samadi.La experience began to explain their problems and ask advice. And my family left me free, I'm not domesticated.
What does that mean?
From childhood we are away from the natural intelligence, so that as adults end up having a lot of information but little experience. And I think that's the worst that can happen to mankind.
Tell me.
The intellect accumulates information, I read three books and write the room, no experience needed. And intelligence is natural that lets you feel what you're experiencing, not based on the past. For example: we have two identical chairs are equal, in a marked "made in Germany" and in another, "made in China." How do you choose?
Now I understand: the German.
... Because we have introduced in our brain information that is better. Would not it be better to sit down, taste it, guided by our own experience? Our relationships are based on this information we are introduced in the past and not what we live today.
You are not a religious man.
Religion never has given man the opportunity to be himself.
What is the alternative?
Regard humans as individuals and not as a mass pay taxes, buy, eat and work for society to function. We teach children to see the world through the eyes of an adult, correct their own vision of things, being robbed of their mindset and inculcate them the world of adults.
... And so we perpetuate a human prototype.
On the one hand we have created poverty, war, global warming, new diseases ... and other technologies to combat it.
And what do you propose?
The naturalization of the human being, instead of training. Living life in essence, because we live through our differences, always comparing to the end, we all want the same thing: graduating, finding a good job, get married, have a nice house, kids and a dog ... But life is much more than that! So we live trapped in solving problems, not pass the stage of survival.
... With more amenities.
We can not treat humanity as a problem that needs to be resolved, we must change the perspective. It's like going on a highway at high speed without being sure if you're on the right track.
Better stop and look at the map.
Yes, because they do not need anyone to tell you what is right and what is wrong. If you're brave and authentic, you will be able to see your life and choose your path. Here begins the transformation. But we need a little space away from the road and look at the map of our lives.
But knowledge helps to know what you want, is not it?
No. piled knowledge in our heads but we do not know who we really are. The industry we design, we medica, dress, entertain, employs, it withdraws.
We must move away from this world we are so used, and two good tools for this are meditation and contact with nature because we live in nature, but in a plastic bag. Do not even know what phase is the moon.
Only on holidays.
Is not it essential that we be aware of ecosystem we are part?
Most of humanity is rooted in nature and not do better.
Poor countries have bought the concept of life of the rich, cold countries.
The result is that unhappiness is globalized.
Earlier in my town, people sang, singing now see another on television.Everyone wants to have a television and a refrigerator.
Is all of humanity is stupid?
We are beings created based on needs that we do not report any substantial benefit. It is time to question.
What have you discovered in yourself?
I do not belong to any country, religion, tradition or structure. I am a simple man who wants to live this day, this is done, to perceive the beauty of this world.
Defíname done .
If some children give them a box of legos with instructions on how to make the car, all trying to play, and the best will be the one closest to the model. If we do not give instructions, each one will do something different and original.
We all live with references.
Yes, we produce that feeling of being wrong, that locks us into a small world.The performance occurs when these references, when the instructions in our heads, they disappear.
What human quality do you admire?
We are unique, no one was ever born or born like you in the future, and that's what inspires me: see unique beings.

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