Monday, July 4, 2011

Create the world you want to live in

Guruji Sri Vast:
The Life is so important, you are not simply existing. You exist every moment. First of all, you are not belonging to you. The Life is so important. You do not simply exist. You exist every moment. First of all, you do not belong to you. It is very important to understand this Truth. You belong to the consciousness. You are part of it. What you are thinking, what you are doing... together we are cooking this Life. How we are evolving further and how everything is moving, whether we want or not, there will be changes on the planet. Whether you want or not, the humanity will become extinct. At one point there will be new beings.
We could not keep dinosaurs. If we had wanted them, we would have saved them. No, everything is a process. Everything is ongoing, continuously
changing; one into another. The whole Existence is constantly evolving, nothing can be permanent. Even our solar system will change. It will take millions and millions of years, but at one point it is evolving.
We are all evolving in the same way, whatever happens on the planet. Every
individual is part of that evolvement. How? What direction are you setting
to this evolvement? It does not end with you. It does not end with your neighbourhood. It does not end with your relationship, your community, your street, state or country, not even this planet. You are part of the whole; you are the Brahma yourself. The Brahma is not one Mister, one single person, who is sitting in his room thinking, “What can I create next?” No, whatever is happening in this moment, and how you are processing that, is making a wave which is further evolving.
Buddha was needed, Krishna was needed, Christ was needed, Osho was needed. Every Master was needed for different parts of this consciousness to process and to push further the understanding of our Existence. Every Master who came out before you was needed. There was a time for every Master. It is not that one person reads ten books and becomes a Master. No, the consciousness itself is hitting like a thunder and lightning. The thunder happens and it is hitting a tree. All the trees may wait for it, ‘One day I will also be hit by lightening’. But that is not the point. Thunder happens for so many reasons, and the way and direction is not predictable. Thunder itself is a consciousness because some kind of process is inside to bring that light in this and in that direction. Some kind of decision is there. Have you ever thought about that?
Even waves are not just coming. Waves come, small waves or big waves, falling like this or like that. There is some kind of play in it. When you kick the ball on the football ground, you are kicking the ball and you are giving
a direction to that play. There is a process, there is an intention, there is a motive - there is some kind of play in it.
Every time the wave comes, there is something in it, something is bringing it. It is a play itself. You cannot just scientifically say ‘there was a wave’. No, there is something in it. There is a joy in it, there is an experience in it, and there is an expression of that experience in it, in everything. So never underestimate yourself. You are all great beings.
It is very important to be thankful because whatever you are processing, you are processing the further evolvement
of that. Think about one city, maybe Zurich. There, a thousand people are appreciating; radically appreciating
and they are radically happy. Suddenly, the air is different when you go into that city. Isn’t it? When you go to certain cities, the air is different because the experience is not within you, you are infinite, you are vast, and you are much more expandable. Never reduce yourself. Be thankful and appreciate.
Whatever world you dream, whatever world you wish, my God, always make a great wish. You have to learn how to dream. Always dream the greatness. Instead of complaining
about this world that you do not want to take part in, dream the world that you want to live in. There is a war, there is another problem, there is an economical
crisis, it is all fine. But do you know any alternative? Do you know that you do not want this world? Then what kind of world do you want? Dream that, paint it, draw it, it is very important.
If you want to have a beautiful world, my God, talk about it, dream about it, write poetry about it, sing a song about it and paint about it. Never give up an opportunity.
Instead of talking about the world that you are not interested to live in, talk about the world that you want to live in. The world looks like this because we lost the Art of Creating, we lost the Art of Dreaming, and we lost the Art of Being in our dream.
Now all our dreams, all the pictures that you see are violent. All the toys are violent, all the stories are violent, all the movies are violent, the newspaper is full of violence, what we are gossiping, everything is violent. Do something else. Come out; liberate yourself from that fear-oriented society. The person who becomes part of the fear-oriented society gets easily panicked because this person does not know how he is going to manage in this fear-oriented society. There is always a pressure and there is a panic, “How am I going to manage in the middle of this?” So, please create! Never give up! You are all always Brahma. Instead of going for a big walk against the war, go for a walk to see the flowers. When more and more people go to see the beauty
of this Life, it becomes alive. Beauty becomes reality.
Are we now concentrating on things that we are not interested in? The life is always like this: You are going to a restaurant, telling, “I do not want anything hot, I do not want sweet, I do not want sour, nothing that is chilly”, without telling what you want. The waiter may reply, “It is all fine, but tell me what you want.” That is what I am saying; never invest your life in things which you are not interested in. Invest your life in what you are interested in because you are creating that Life.
You are not so simple - never underestimate yourself. You are all busy; everyone is busy in their little drama, thinking this is the only thing. The Life is much bigger. There is a lot to enjoy, a lot to experience, a lot to celebrate.
My God, I am not even busy in creating; I am busy in receiving what is already created for me. Everything is given to you. Be busy in receiving, busy in appreciating, busy in experiencing what is given to you. At one point, the whole so-called Existence and You will not be two different things anymore. You will experience yourself
in every peak of this Life. You are much greater than what you know; who you are and what this Life is. This Life cannot be described by any scriptures or any books, any educations, or even any Master. It has its own play.
Create the world
you want to live in
Sri Vast International Foundation, Sweden, 2011

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