Friday, December 7, 2012

Beethoven: Symphonies Nos.9 & 5 [HD] -2011

It is interesting to note that J Krishnamurti also was greatly taken by Beethoven, although he was fond of Mozart too.  But as Mary Lutyens tell us in The Open Door, J Krishnamurti, as a young man, listened to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony time after time in his solitude, recognizing the pure genius that leaped spontaneously without thought from the Master.

Before we come to how Alfred’s love for Beethoven plays out in his life’s drama, let’s look into his world view of art as seen in the works of Rembrandt, as he reported in the 1929 manuscript.  “But the greatest thing that happened to me during the weekend was – Rembrandt.”  He wishes his friend’s eyes “too could have seen the glory.”  He spends time with other artists’ works, “But it was to Rembrandt I returned again and again drinking in his rich reality of wholeness.”

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