Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TEDxSalem-Aarti C Rajaratnam-Creating a million smiles through Holistic education

Aarti C Rajaratnam, instrumental in designing innovative classrooms and curriculum models in India and abroad, is a Masters in Clinical Psychology with specialization in Childhood and Adolescent Mental Health from the University of Delhi. Aarti's mission in life is to redefine education systems all over the world to make Holistic Learning accessible to all children irrespective of cultural boundaries, economic barriers and limiting mindsets. She is a Master Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming and is also trained in Transactional Analysis, Dream Analysis and Counselling.

Aarti is the Correspondent of Kailash Manasarovar School, Salem and the Director of Academics and Student Welfare Anan Kids Academy, Coimbatore. She also runs Kriti Play school - a preschool, along with her associates in Salem. The focus here is stress free education for children through an eclectic model specially designed to nurture young minds through a thorough analysis of Learning Styles. She has set up schools for children in the rural areas of India to cater to the needs of first generation learners to ensure that their educational and nutritional needs are met. This model of education has increased retention rates and reduced dropout rates, truancy and delinquency among children. She has always cited that working in the villages of India has been her passion, and she has laid a stronger foundation to it by conducting many camps for teachers as well as the students in villages all over the state. 

Apart from revolutionizing the field of education, Aarti has volunteered to help the victims of Tsunami in 2004. Aarti's charisma and vibrance never fail to ignite the minds that come across her. A true youth icon she is and a great human who inspires us to be humane!

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